4th Annual Convention and 14th Biannual Regional TESOL Group for CA&CB Basin

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These are the presenters who will join us and share their expertise with our Honduran Teachers

Main Keynote Speakers: Top to bottom –  Grazzia Maria Mendoza, Honduras, HELTA Honduras TESOL President; Frances Westbrook, US based in Mexico, RELO US State Department; Luciana de Oliveira, Brazil based in the US, TESOL President; Holly Hansen-Thomas, US, Texas Women College; Kati Casto, US based in El Salvador, ELF US State Dept.

Special Guests – Featured Mini-Plenaries: Ulrich Schrader, Mexico, liaison CA&CB Affiliates TESOL Group; Franklin Tellez, Nicaragua, Past President CA&CB Affiliates TESOL Group and Past President NicaTESOL; Maria Trapero, Mexico, National Geographic Representative; Daniel Lowe, Panama; Knellee Bisram, Trinidad and Tobago based in US, CEO AHAM Education.

Guests of Honor – Central America and the Caribbean Basin Affiliates Regional TESOL Group Representatives: Teresita Rojas, GELI Cuba; Anibal Muñoz, PRTESOL President; Jennifer Alicea, Past President PRTESOL; Deyvis Sanchez, Dominico-Americano; Leticia Vela, Mexico; Ethnelda Paulino, Belize; Miguel Carranza, El Salvador; Carlos Mayorga, ACPI TESOL; Margarita Bennett de De Gracia, Panama TESOL President; Zuleika Zapateiro and Oderay Quijada, Panama TESOL; Diana Parra and Luz Stella Hernandez, TESOL Colombia; Elizabeth Ortiz, Past President EcuaTESOL; Olenka Villavicencio, PeruTESOL; Mary Allegra, President Venezuela TESOL, Monica Fernandez, Vice-President Venezuela TESOL, Isela Coronado, Bolivia TESOL; Monica Gandolfo, Argentina TESOL.

Conference Speakers: Bruno Sousa, Portugal; Paul Stufkens, New Zealand based in Honduras, Cathy Salonikidis, Greece; Susan Gaer, Susan Gaer, US; Patricia Dyer, US; Pia White, Mexico; Meindert Montenegro, Nicaragua; Juan Rios and Benjamin Samudio, Panama; Clara Onatra and Carolina Rodriguez, Colombia; Jose Burgos, Venezuela based in Honduras; Gabriela Rodriguez and Glenda Gallardo, Peru; Gabriel Diaz Maggioli, Bolivia; Francisco Brizuela, Kenia Guillen, and Jenny Guillen, San Pedro Sula, Honduras; Carlos Saavedra, El Progreso, Honduras; Ana Cervantes, Choluteca, Honduras; Suzanne Rajkumar, San Pedro Sula, Honduras; Jennifer Bodden and Karen Vasquez, El Progreso, Honduras; Sayda Mejia, Juana de Ayestas and Alejandra Sierra, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


On July 13-14 we will hold our 4th Annual Convention “Empowering TESOL Communities through Collaboration” and will host the 14th Biannual Regional TESOL Group for CA&CB Basin. 18 representatives from 15 countries; Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America will attend our convention and share their expertise with teachers and student-teachers from Honduras.